Tariq Ramyar

Game and Web Developer. I have skills with JS/C++/C#/PHP/SWIFT and of course Unity

Tower Defense
School Project Unity

Use your mouse to create 'turrets' to attack the invading lady bugs. Click on the 'X's to place your minion. Click again on your minion to upgrade to the next level.

Match 3
School Project Unity

Match the correct images! Click on the items to swap them, match 3 of the same images to get points. Remember combos give you more points!

AI Racer 'Demo'

A quick little demo I made while at school using Unity 4 and nifty raycasting to guide my AI racers. Another of my earlier work with Unity.

Infinite Runner

One of the first Unity games I made - using procedural generation to make the level. *Arrows for movement / hold 'space' to jump*

Joyce Palmer
Web Design

One of the more challenging sites that I have built. It was a great learning lesson in building a wordpress theme!

Tamara - Homeopathy
Web Design

Another wordpress theme design. Elegant and easy to maintain. Built with added functionality to the back end to make it even easier to maintain the site.

El Muro Lanquin
Lifestyle Design

During my excursion to Lanquin, Guatemala I came across El Muro Hostel. The hostel is in a remote little town called Lanquin right in the middle of one of the most beautiful lush jungles I have ever seen! If you are looking for a little escape to paradise go see Lanquin and Semuc Champey in Guatemala!

Slow Rider
Life Syle Design

A website I made while in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala! Motorcycle tours around various incredible settings within Guatemala.